Jewel footed box '700 style.

PE040 Jewel footed box '700 style.

Available, at least, in five sizes:

I^ cm. 11,5x9,5  g.250 ;

II^ cm. 14,5x10  g.310;

III^ cm.18x11 g.420;

IV^ cm.20x12 g.500;

 V^ cm.22,5x15 g. 750 aprox..

We start by cutting the outline, drawn on a sheet of silver, with scissors and saws. Then the template is folded and prepared for the welding of the corners.
We get so 'the body and the cover which are then shaped with more' phases of hammering.
Apart from we prepare the hinge welding together seven pieces of silver cane.
The legs, made by casting, are chiselled and suitably shaped to be then welded to the corners of the box. Then We weld the hinge and pass to finish all the three phases of roughing buffing and polishing.
If you are lucky enough to have one of these objects try to count the hammer ...
Click the image below to see the photo sequence of the realization of the box ...