Jug Olandese and '700

 BE050 Jug '700 style.


Available in three sizes:

I^ h.cm. 14 g.400; II^ h.cm.17 g.640; III^ h.cm.18,5 g.760 approx.

BE055 Jug Olandese.

Available in three sizes:

 I^ h.cm. 17 g.400; II^ h.cm.19 g.550; III^ h.cm. 22 g.750 approx.

Capacity: I^ 0,5 l.;II^ 0,75 l.; III^ 1 l..


The realization begins with the silver plate spinning to shape the  jug that is then embossed and hammered. The handle and the border of the mouth's profile are welded with silver brazing. The usual three phases roughing, brushing and polishing give the final gloss to the article.


If you are lucky enough to have one of these objects in your hand try to count the hammer inprints....