Tureen '700



ZB010 Tureen '700 style

Dimensions cm.37x23x h.29 g. 2000 approx.


VB011 Tray for Tureen '700

Dimensions cm.27,5x37,5 g. 670 approx.





The vessel item is made from a perimeter band welded to the end that is then forged with hammer to accommodate the welding to the bottom.

The cover is made from a a single sterling silver sheet embossed; lines are obtained with the chisel  after filling it with pitch.

With the hammering we proceed to smooth welds and to give the line to the object using various types of hammer and steel shelves.

The rim is applied with brazing and in the same way is applied the base (pedestal) previously shaped with lathe and hammer.

The two parts are semi-finished, welded together, and then we proceed to refine the object with three stages of grinding, buffing and polishing.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these objects in your hand try to count the hammer imprints...