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Angela vase

Vase Angela

Available in three sizes; the smallest could be used also as candlestick

Dimensions: I^ h. cm. 9 weight g.85, II^ h. cm. 13 g. 130, III^ h. cm. 15,5 g. 235  approx.



Photo-frame Cuore

photo-frame cuore cornicettacuore particolare


Available in two sizes.

Dimensions (external): I^ h. cm. 7x7  weight g.55, II^ h. cm. 10x10  g. 67 approx.


Modern desktop set

Modern desktop set

Include the following items:

Pen tray cm.21x8 weight g. 80 approx.

Paper-knife cm. 15 weight g. 38 approx.

Envelope holder h. cm. 5 x 7,5 weight g. 51 approx.

Letter-holder  h. cm 10 x 12 weight g. 125 approx.

Pen-holder h. cm 10 x 8 weight g. 100 approx.



Baby set "twisted" model.

Baby set "twisted" model.

The set consists of the following items:

Spoon cm. 13 weight g. 35 approx.

Small bowl  diam. cm 12,5 weight g. 120 approx.

Small cup  h. cm 6 weight g. 80 approx.

Napkin ring/egg-holder/candlestick diam. cm 5 weight g. 30 approx + g.12 for the candlestick converter.