Our sterling silver items for home furnishing.

Ashtray rectangular and '700 style model



 Augsburg ewer and basin.

Augsburg ewer and basin



Bowl '700 oval.

Ciotola 700 ovale-



Bowl '700 venetian model.

ciotola 700 veneziano-



Bowl '800 English model.

ciotola 800 inglese-



Bowl "oval four shaped" model

Biscottiera ovale-


Bowl  China

Cesto Cina-

Bowl China rectangular model.

Cesto cina rettangolare-

Bowl Napoli

Cesto napoli-

Bowl oval model twisted edge

Cestino ovale cordato-

Bowl oval "Queen Anne" model.

Cesto ovale ra-

Small oval bowl.

ciotola ovale-


Bowl Queen Anne round model.


Risottiera tonda ra-

Candelabra '700 style model 3 light.

candelabro700 3f-





Candelabra octagonal model 3 light.

candelabro ottagonale 3 fiamme-



Flask and Carafe Sterling Silver and  Murano glass.




Centerpiece oval.

Paniere ovale-

Centerpiece rectangular french model.


Paniere rettangolare francese-

Jewel footed box '700 style.

portagioie 700 con zampe-




Small chiselled bowl.

Ciotolina cesellata-


 Stand bowl '700.

Alzata rotonda-



Stand small bowl  '700 and '800

Alzatina 700 800-



Stand bowl '700 oval.





Stand bowl Palladio '700.

stand bowl Palladio '700



Tray '700 Bellini.

Vassoio '700 Bellini

Tray '700 Rectangular model .

vassoio rettangolare 700

Tray "grill oval" model with handles.

Tray "oval grill" model with handles

Tray "Roma" rectangular model.

Vassoio Roma

Vase Napoli model with base.

Vase Napoli with base


Vase "shaped" model.

Vase "shaped" model